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Eamonn Duggan


A native of Longwood, Co. Meath, Eamonn Duggan worked as a solicitor in Dublin, where he joined A Company of the 1st Dublin Battalion of the Irish Volunteers. He was stationed at the North Dublin Union and the Father Mathew Hall during the Easter Rising, and afterwards was interned in Portland, Lewes, and Maidstone jails. He resumed his law career upon his release in 1917, and was elected as a Sinn Féin MP for Meath South in 1918. He also participated in the War of Independence, acting as the IRA’s Director of Intelligence until his imprisonment in November 1920. He was a key figure in organising a truce, liaising with British civil servants whilst in prison and later accompanying Éamon de Valera during his meetings with David Lloyd George. He also formed part of the Irish delegation during the Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations in 1921, where he again played an important role in liaising British officials. He held a number of ministerial posts in the Cumann na nGaedhal government, before transferring to the senate in 1933, where he held a seat until his death in June 1936.


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