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Garrett Holohan


Along with his younger brother Patrick, Garry Holohan joined the Fianna in 1910. Both were inducted into the IRB in 1912 and took part in the Howth and Kilcoole gun-runnings two years later. The brothers were part of the group of Fianna and Irish Volunteers who attacked the Magazine Fort in the Phoenix Park at the beginning of the Easter Rising, stealing arms and ammunition, as well as setting off fires and minor explosions. They later joined up with the Volunteers under Ned Daly’s command and Garry was largely based in the Church St. and Richmond Hospital area for the rest of the Rising. Interned in Knutsford barracks and Frongoch prison camp, Garry took the role of Quartermaster General of the Fianna following his release. He also served as an officer in the 5th Battalion of the IRA’s Dublin Brigade during the War of Independence, taking part in the destruction on the Irish Independent’s Newspaper plant in December 1920. An opponent of the Anglo-Irish Treaty, Holohan also participated in the republican attack on Freeman’s Journal in March 1922 and later fought in the Gresham Hotel at the beginning of the Civil War. He was wounded, captured, and interned by the Government until December 1923.


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