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J.J. Grace


After moving to America in 1913 and gaining military experience with the British Territorial Regiment in Canada, James Joseph Grace returned to Dublin in 1914. He joined C Company in the 3rd Dublin Battalion of the Irish Volunteers and was one of two rebels stationed in 25 Northumberland Road during the Easter Rising. Along with Michael Malone, Grace inflicted heavy causalities on British troops arriving from Kingstown (DĂșn Laoghaire), before escaping the premises after a heavy attack in which Malone was killed. He was interned in Frongoch prison camp, where he took part in a hunger strike. Despite being wounded by the RIC in 1919, Grace continued to participate in training exercises and military operations during the War of Independence. After taking part in ambushes in Dublin during the Civil War, he was arrested and interned until December 1923.

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