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Jack Shouldice


John Francis Shouldice, also known as Jack, worked in the Civil Service prior to the outbreak of the Easter Rising. He served as 1st Lieutenant in F Company in the 1st Dublin Battalion of the Irish Volunteers and fought in the Four Courts area during Easter week, 1916. He commanded the rebels’ position at Reilly’s pub at the corner of North King Street and Church Street. Shouldice was court-martialled and sentenced to death, but this was commuted to five years penal servitude and he was released in June 1917 after serving time in Dartmoor and Lewes prisons. He undertook organisational work for the Volunteers and election work for Sinn Féin in the years following his release and was involved with the Dublin Brigade of the IRA throughout the War of Independence. He also worked as a secretary with the Leinster Council of the GAA in this period and organised the match between Tipperary and Dublin on 21st November, 1920, also known as Bloody Sunday. He did not participate in the Civil War.


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