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Pat J. Doris


Pat Doris was initially eclipsed in public life by his brother William, the journalist and land agitator who was elected as nationalist MP for Mayo West in 1910. Pat Doris was also a journalist with a strong interest in public affairs, and he co-founded the Mayo News in 1892. His strong support for Sinn Féin created discord between himself and his brother and also brought him to the attention of the British authorities. Although he played no part in the Easter Rising, he was arrested in its aftermath and interned in both Frongoch prison camp and Reading jail. He returned to his role as editor of the Mayo News upon his release and the paper took a strong republican tone during the War of Independence, leading to attacks on its offices and forcing Doris to go into hiding. He was critical of the Anglo-Irish Treaty and the ensuing Cumann na nGaedhal government, supporting Fianna Fail from its formation in 1926 until his death in 1937.

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