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Patrick MacNestry


Patrick MacNestry was a member F Company in the 1st Dublin Battalion of the Irish Volunteers and fought with the Four Courts garrison during the Easter Rising. Mortimer O’Connell, a fellow member of the garrison, later recalled assisting wounded men towards the end of the week: “We had practically to carry one, Paddy MacNestry, in our arms. He had collapsed having been under fire for three or four days in North King St.” His death sentence, issued on 4th May, was commuted to 10 years penal servitude and he was interned until June 1917. He served time in Portland and Lewes prisons, spending a part of his sentence in solitary confinement after breaking through a cell wall. Following his release, MacNestry moved to Cork where he worked as a silversmith and joined C Company in the 1st Battalion of the No. 1 Cork Brigade. He had risen to the rank of officer before his death from typhoid fever in October 1920.


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