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Sean Milroy


Born in England, Sean Milroy moved to Cork in his early adulthood and became involved in Sinn Féin after befriending Arthur Griffith. He also joined the Irish Volunteers in 1913 and fought with the 2nd Dublin Battalion during the Easter Rising. Initially stationed at the GPO, he saw action in Liffey Street and Abbey Street before relocating to Parliament Street as part of the City Hall garrison. After being interned in England until December 1916, he served as Sinn Féin’s director of elections for the 1918 general election, but failed to win a seat in Tyrone North East and was arrested again before voting took place. Imprisoned in Lincoln jail, he escaped along with Éamon de Valera and Sean McGarry in February 1919. In 1921 he was elected to both the Dáil and the Northern Irish parliament, representing Cavan in the former and Fermanagh & Tyrone in the latter, although he did not take his Northern Irish seat. He resigned from the Dáil in 1924 as a protest against the policies of Cumann na nGaedhal and, following a number of unsuccessful re-election attempts and a spell in the senate, he retired from politics in 1936.


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