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Seán Murnane


A farmer from Newmarket-on-Fergus, Co. Clare, Seán Murnane joined the IRB in 1911 after an enrolment ceremony which “took place in the middle of a field at night time”. He later became centre of his local circle and was involved in the establishment of the Irish Volunteers in the area. Although he did not take part in any fighting, he was briefly arrested in the aftermath of the Easter Rising, spending roughly a week in Limerick Prison before being released. Murnane later assisted with Éamon de Valera’s by-election campaign in 1917, canvassing, fund-raising and providing security along with other Volunteer members. He was subsequently arrested for illegal drilling and imprisoned in Cork, Mountjoy and Dundalk prisons, taking part in two hunger strikes before his release. He was appointed Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion in the East Care Brigade of the IRA during the War of Independence whilst also holding the role of quartermaster for the Brigade and took part in a number of attacks and raids during the period.


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