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Sean Treacy


Born in Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary, Seán Treacy moved to Tipperary town as a child, where he joined the Gaelic League, the IRB, and the Irish Volunteers. Along with Dan Breen and other Volunteer leaders in Tipperary, he was disappointed to have missed the Easter Rising and resolved to take part in any fights for Irish freedom that might occur in the future. He was twice imprisoned between 1917 and 1918 for his involvement with the Volunteers, taking part in hunger strikes on both occasions. On 21st January 1919, he took a leading part in an ambush at Soloheadbeg that resulted in the deaths of two constables and is regarded by many as the beginning of the War of Independence. Later that year, he killed two more constables during an attack on Knocklong RIC station, before relocating to Dublin where he assisted Michael Collins and his “Squad”. He participated in further attacks in Tipperary in 1920 before being killed in Dublin by British intelligence officers in October of that year. He had survived an ambush earlier in the month and was planning to take part in an assault on British Military personnel.


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