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T.D. Sinnott


A teacher, Thomas Sinnott was a member of A Company in the Wexford Brigade of the Irish Volunteers and fought in Enniscorthy during the Easter Rising. He was deported to Stafford Jail in May and was interned in Frongoch prison camp until December 1916. In the years following his release, Sinnott served as Company Captain and Brigade vice Commandant before being promoted to Commanding Officer of the Wexford Brigade in 1919. He led a number of attacks and raids during the War of Independence, one of which forced his demotion to private in March 1920 after a woman was shot dead. Sinnott was reinstated as Commandant of the North Wexford Brigade in May but was arrested in November and spent the duration of the conflict in prison. He did not participate in the Civil War.

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