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T. Peppard


Thomas Peppard was a member of the Lusk Company in the Fingal Battalion of the Irish Volunteers. After mobilising in north Dublin on Easter Monday, 1916, Peppard was sent to the GPO and was subsequently posted to the Mendicity Institute. Commanded by Seán Heuston, the rebels stationed here came under heavy British fire and held the post until Wednesday, 26th of April. Peppard was court-martialled and sentenced to death, but this was commuted to three years penal servitude and he was released in June 1917 after serving time in Portland and Lewes prisons. He helped to reorganise the Volunteers in the Fingal area after his release and played an active role in the War of Independence, holding the positions of battalion adjutant and intelligence officer during the conflict. He enlisted in the National Army in 1922 and served throughout the Civil War, retiring in March 1924 after achieving the rank of lieutenant.


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